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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essential for the successful functioning and development of a company’s business.

Reporting Solutions

Our reporting solutions are designed to facilitate the communication of numerical results or progress tracking.

ERP Solutions

ERP is an enterprise resource planning solution. It allows the company to reduce its production costs and be more efficient.

Web & Mobile Solutions

Optimize mobility in your company by simplifying the quick and easy implementation of corrective actions with the mobile and web solutions…

Since its creation, the R & D has been at the heart of SOLIXY's activity and contributes to the continuous improvement of our scientific and technical knowledge.

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SOLIXY Nearshore Tunisia

SOLIXY is your partner in outsourcing and externalisation, and we are able to carry out our primary mission (ERP and web development, ERP support, consulting and studies…), and with competitive prices.

Our aim is to accompany you and advise you towards the right directions.

We listen to our customers: our intention is to satisfy you!

Among the advantages of outsourcing your projects in Tunisia are the reduction of operational costs, offering a cheap labor force, the rapid establishment of professional teams, better control of expenses, the transformation of fixed costs into variable costs, refocusing its core business and flexibility,…


In order to develop in an AGILE manner, we use the SCRUM project management methodology that allows you to follow the development and add modifications progressively.

Amazon Web Services
Cloud Computing Service

We will learn how to use Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leader of the Cloud.

The AWS Cloud provides a wide range of infrastructure services, including computing capacity, storage options, networking functions and databases.

AI Chatbot SOLUTIONS in natural language

Unlike many solutions, the Chatbot Cross-Platforms of SOLIXY uses our NLP SXY technology to deliver a smooth conversational experience.

Chat automatically with your users, through all channels of your customer relationship: web, mobile, phone IVR, voice assistants, etc.

Our achievements :

Our academic partners

Since its creation, SOLIXY has endeavoured to establish and develop strong partnerships with various academic actors.

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